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How Does a Home Makeover Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance?

By Diane Tait Image courtesy of wikimedia When it comes to owning a home, most of us want to feather our nest from time to time.   That means performing the occasional home makeover or addition.   Whether you’re simply looking to add a garage onto your home, upgrade your kitchen or bathrooms, add a patio or deck, or add a new room or floor, any of these can affect your homeowner’s insurance.   With that in mind, I thought I’d devote this week’s blog to letting you know what you need to do if you’re looking to upgrade your home.

How Umbrella Insurance Helps Keep You Covered

By Diane Tait Image courtesy of Max Pixel Whenever I mention the term Umbrella Insurance to my friends, they look up as though expecting to see a thundercloud.   While umbrella insurance doesn’t keep you from getting out of the rain, it can help keep you from sinking in debt should an accident occur.   Allow me to explain.

Your Road Map to Auto Insurance Success

By Diane Tait Image courtesy of PxHere While my agency carries a full line of personal and commercial insurance, the type of insurance that we sell the most of is auto insurance.   One of the reasons we sell so many auto policies is being an independent agency means we can query more than 50 insurance companies in order to find the best auto coverage at the best price.

Everything You Need to Know about Renter’s Insurance

By Diane Tait Image courtesy of flickr If you own your home, chances are you have homeowner’s insurance.   That’s because your home and everything in it represents a huge investment.   Should the worst come to pass and a fire should break out in your home, or a pipe should burst, you don’t want to dig deep to cover the costs.   If a burglar breaks in and steals your most precious possessions, you want to be able to make yourself whole without digging a hole in your wallet.   That’s why you carry homeowner’s insurance.

What Kind of RV is Right for You?

By Diane Tait Image courtesy of wikimedia Living in Florida you see a lot of RVs on the road. Why not, since the Sunshine State is one of the most popular winter destinations in the US.   With mild winters and 1,350 miles of coastline to explore, what’s not to like?   But even a number of those who live in Florida either own an RV or are thinking about buying one.   For those of you who are toying with the idea of joining the ranks of RV owners, you need to know choosing an RV is no simple matter nowadays.   While there are only really two types of RV, motorhomes and towables, there are many derivations of class and creature comforts.   Add to this the expenses associated with owning an RV and you could wind up busting your budget before you even get to hit the road.