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How to Keep Kids & Pets Safe in Your Car

  By Diane Tait While owning and operating a motor vehicle is one of the privileges of modern society, it doesn’t come without a few caveats.   First and foremost is the responsibility of every driver to make sure they and their passengers get where they’re going safely.   Even though today’s vehicles ae vastly safer than those of yesteryear, it still shocks me when I see how many people are needlessly injured because they neglect to take advantage of many of the safety features that are built into their vehicles at the factory.   What’s even more tragic is when the injured parties are not yet old enough to drive.   To help you keep your kids and pets safe when you take to the open road, I’ve come up with a short list of do’s and don’ts that are designed to protect that most precious of cargoes. 

The Facts About Texting & Driving

  By Diane Tait Texting while driving. We’ve either seen someone do it or have done it ourselves from time to time.   While the practice is frowned upon to the point where it’s against the law in all 50 states, this doesn’t stop many motorists from looking away from the road while the car is in motion to send or receive a text.   Instead of harping on the subject, I thought I’d give all my readers a few facts on this all too common and all too dangerous practice.

How to Protect Your Identity

By Diane Tait What’s in a name?   More than most people think.   Especially once their identity has been stolen.   Identity theft is one of the scourges of modern society.   Even worse, it’s one that’s getting more pervasive each and every year.   Last year alone, the credit reporting agencies tallied up nearly $17 billion in losses due to identity theft.   That’s nothing to say of the loss of credit worthiness to those whose identities were compromised, not to mention the laborious and costly process of reclaiming their identity.   To help keep you from becoming a victim, I thought I’d provide you with ten ways to protect your identity from those who hope to profit by besmirching your good name.

Teen Driving Tips

 By Diane Tait My 19 year old daughter is driving and I’m praying for her safety and to keep my insurance rates down but teen drivers need more than just low cost car insurance.  Preparing a teenager to drive means more than gathering information on car insurance for teens and getting the cheapest price.   It means getting them prepared to hit the open road on their own—and leaving you with greater peace of mind.