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What You Need to Know About RV Insurance

  By Diane Tait If you have been considering purchasing a recreational vehicle, you might be wondering what kind of insurance coverage you need.   That’s a good question, since RVs come in all shapes and sizes.   Some are literally the size of a bus, while others are as small as a minivan.   Then there are fifth-wheel RVs that have to be pulled along by another vehicle.   Before you start negotiating with an owner or dealer over the cost of an RV, you owe it to yourself to learn about the ins and outs of RV insurance. 

What is Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

  By Diane Tait If you own or lease a car, you’ve probably looked into roadside assistance.  This way if you ever run out of gas, blow a tire or have your car roll to a stop as the warning lights on your dashboard alert you to the fact that your engine needs service, you won’t be stranded on the side of the road.  If you own a business, did you know that the insurance industry offers a type of policy that covers you for unexpected equipment breakdowns that can bring your firm to a screeching halt? Originally offered to small manufacturers to keep them from getting derailed by unforeseen events like boiler failures and machinery breakdowns, the coverage has grown over the years to cover all kinds of businesses for everything from equipment breakdown and ruined inventory to additional expenses and lost income.

What is Telematics and How Can it Help You Save Money?

  By Diane Tait If you’ve purchased a new vehicle in the past five years, you know that there has been a quantum leap in onboard technology.   Gone are the days of analog controls and in has come digital automotive technology.   Nowadays, everything from onboard GPS systems and reactive cruise control to drive-by-wire technology has made every vehicle on the road more like driving a computer with four tires and a steering wheel than a car or light truck.   While the technology is designed to improve driving safety and fuel economy, what has been used to augment our driving experience has taken a new turn by using the same tech to monitor and improve driver and vehicle performance.   While some drivers look at what’s known as telematics as a kind of electronic leash, others are all too happy to avail themselves of technology that can save money and lives.

Is Nighttime the Right Time for Boating?

  By Diane Tait Living in Florida means being able to boat most of the year.  Even in the winter, the daytime temperatures can be in the seventies, which is perfect boating weather.  Just a windbreaker and some sunscreen and you’re on your way, right?  The only downside is that the daylight only lasts until around six.  Stay out after that and you’ll be forced to night sail whether you planned to or not.  If you have little or no night sailing experience, the endeavor can be quite disorienting.  After the sun goes down, all you see are lights everywhere.  It’s sometimes hard to tell where the land meets the sky, let alone what’s what on the water.  Unless you know what you’re doing. you can find yourself heading the wrong way or into harm’s way.  So, I thought I’d give you a few pointers to help you navigate safely on the water at night.