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Should You Insure Your Hobby?

  By Diane Tait Image courtesy Pixabay M any people enjoy hobbies.   That being said, if your hobby is high risk, or it results in an accumulation of high-priced stamps, coins, art objects, antiques, or collectibles, you may want to talk to your insurance agent to make sure you’re covered.   To help you get a grip on what you need to do to determine how best to cover your hobby, I’ve come up with a few pointers you may wish to peruse.  

How COVID-19 Gave the Shipping Industry a Cold

By Diane Tait Image courtesy Pixabay With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, the last thing consumers want to hear is that their gift giving is going to be curtailed by shipping problems.   But word is out that the worldwide web of international ports, container ships and transport companies that move goods is having major league problems brought on by COVID-19.   While the onset of the Coronavirus caused major disruptions to shippers around the globe, eighteen months later the problem hasn’t gone away.   In fact, it’s gotten worse.   Below are some sobering facts concerning the current state of affairs.

What Does Wind Mitigation Mean to Your Insurance Rates?

By Diane Tait Image courtesy Pixabay Living in Jacksonville means living with the wind, rain and the occasional named storm during the long, hot summer.   Aside from thunder, lightning and torrential rain, all squalls lash our homes with high winds that can strip shingles from the roof or hurl windblown debris through a window.   Insurance companies who sell their policies in Florida realize the potential for destruction that wind can cause.   That’s why they insist that homes be inspected for wind mitigation every few years.   If you’re in the dark as to how wind mitigation effects your insurance rates or are interested in learning how you can qualify for wind mitigation credits that can lower your premiums, read on.

What to Do When Your Boat Breaks Down on the Water

By Diane Tait Image courtesy Pixabay One of the great benefits of living in Jacksonville is there’s so much to do on the water.   If you own a boat, you know there are many ways to enjoy yourself both inshore and offshore.   Whether you’re looking to go sailing on the St. Johns River, motor down the intracoastal waterway to St. Augustine, or head out to sea to do some fishing, north Florida is one of the few places in the country where you can go boating year around.   While enjoying a day on the water is a great way to spend your leisure time, there comes a time in every boater’s life when the motor quits, and they find themselves adrift.   The difference between this becoming an inconvenience or a life-threatening experience comes down to just two things: experience and preparation.   To help all you boaters out there keep yourself, your crew, and your guests safe while afloat, I’ve created a list of eight things you need to do to make sure your day on the water doesn’t become a wa