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The Truth About Self-Driving Cars

 By Diane Tait Image courtesy Pixabay For the past few years, it seems the only time you read or hear about self-driving cars is when a new model is released or when one crashes.  While that may make for titillating headlines, the truth of the matter is that the technology will continue to develop as time goes on.  Not only are billionaires betting the bank on it, but the systems that automate driving are slowly but surely making their way into every vehicle on the road.  If you've been losing sleep about losing control over your car to onboard automation, here's what you need to know.

Is Smartphone Insurance a Smart Choice?

By Diane Tait Image courtesy Pixabay Unless you're a prepper who lives off the grid you probably own at least one cellphone.  Most people trade their phones in for new ones every 2.7 years on average.  While some replace theirs every year or two because they want to keep up with the Joneses, others wait to replace their smartphone until device performance forces them to do so, or because the manufacturer stops supporting their phone.  Regardless of whether you decide to replace your smartphone sooner or later, as soon as you decide to spring for a new one, you'll be asked if you'd like to opt-in for additional protection.  The question is, should you purchase cellphone insurance the next time you get a new phone?

The 12 Scams of Christmas

 By Diane Tait Image courtesy Pixabay They say this is the season of giving.  But the last thing you want to give is your hard-earned money to scammers and cybercriminals.  As usual, during the holidays every consumer can expect to get bombarded with holiday greetings, ads, emails, and text messages, some of which are from friends and family, while others are from crafty con men and women who are out to spoil your holiday cheer.  If you want to keep the Grinch off your back this Christmas, here are 12 holiday scams to avoid.

Do You Need Insurance to Fly a Drone?

 By Diane Tait Image courtesy Pixabay If you're in the midst of shopping for holiday gifts, you may have considered buying someone special a drone.  Drones, otherwise known as unmanned aerial systems (UAS)or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are a popular present for both children and adults.  However, before you rush to place your order, there are a few things you need to know about the federal regulation that drones fall under.