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Homeowners Hurricane Survival Guide

By Diane Tait Image courtesy flickr Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog telling business owners what they needed to do when a hurricane is imminent.   Now, with Hurricane Dorian a distinct possibility next week, I thought it high time to help homeowners prepare for the worst.

Bizarre Traffic Laws in the US

By Diane Tait Image courtesy Pixabay You’d think since the automobile has been around for more than 100 years that most people would know the law.   At least they should be fairly fluent in what not to do behind the wheel, right?   So why is it that people still get killed while driving the wrong way down the interstate or they get arrested for failing to pay their tickets.   (I recently read a story of a New Mexico woman who was jailed after receiving 69 tickets for running red lights, as well as 23 other motor vehicle infractions totaling more than $10,000 in fines.)   What’s even stranger than that are a number of bizarre traffic laws that are still on the books from coast to coast.   This week, I’ll share some of these with you.

How Safe is Your ATV?

By Diane Tait Image courtesy Max Pixel All-Terrain Vehicles have become popular to outdoor enthusiasts.   Unfortunately, as the popularity of the sport has increased, so have the injuries and fatalities.   Last year alone there were 21 fatalities in Florida alone.   Add to that statistic the hundreds of injuries that occur each and every year to riders, some of whom are ill-equipped and under-trained to safely operate an ATV, and you have a recipe for disaster.   In order to promote off-road safety, I decided to dedicate this week’s blog to ATV safety tips.  

Business Owners Hurricane Guide

By Diane Tait Image courtesy flickr While there are no named storms currently churning through the Atlantic, that doesn’t mean we Floridians are out of the woods yet, since hurricane season isn’t officially over until November 30.   So far this year, there has only been one named Atlantic storm which came and went without incident in late May.   That being said, NOAA has predicted a total of thirteen named storms, including five hurricanes for 2019.   The problem is, by the time the public hears about the approach of a named storm, it’s almost too late to do much about it.   With that in mind, I thought I’d take a few moments to jot down what business owners need to know when a hurricane heads this way.

Keeping Your Kids Safe at School

By Diane Tait Image courtesy flickr With another school year rapidly approaching for children in Florida, I thought I’d take the time to address school safety.   There doesn’t seem to be a month when parents aren’t regaled with news of school shootings, bullying on and off the playground, or strangers approaching children on their way to or from school.   While these episodes seem rampant due to the fact that the media hypes them no matter where or when they occur, nonetheless today’s parents have to deal with more than a bit of anxiety about their kids than my parents ever did.   If you start wringing your hands the moment your child heads for the bus stop every morning, here are a few tips to help keep them safe.