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Can You Fight Flooding?

By Diane Tait Image courtesy of wikimedia As I sit here writing this blog, it’s raining cats and dogs outside.   When summer rolls around it seems to me that the Sunshine State suddenly becomes the Sun Shower State.   With rain squalls being a nearly daily occurrence for the next month or so, I thought it was high time that I address the problem of flooding.   Most Floridians associate flooding with hurricanes.   While more homes flood during named storms than at any other time of the year, that doesn’t mean that it takes a hurricane to flood your home.   Far from it.   Any sustained rain shower can cause conditions favorable to flooding.   So too can conditions in and around your home.   Before you come home to find your abode ankle deep in water, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Summer Boating Tips

By Diane Tait Image courtesy of Good Free Photos If you own a boat, then you realize that summertime is prime time for boating.   Unlike the vast majority of the country where boaters only get to put their vessels in the water during the summer, in Florida we can boat practically all year long.   That being said, going out on the water during the summer in the Sunshine State means taking a few extra precautions.  

Tips for Selling Your Car

By Diane Tait Image courtesy Geograph If you own a car, you realize there comes a time when you either want to either sell it or trade it in.   As long as your car is still roadworthy, there’s no reason to trade it, since you’ll undoubtedly get more by selling it yourself.   That being said, some people are a little unsure as to how to go about getting their car ready for resale.   If that’s what’s bothering you, this week’s blog will show you what it takes to prep, price and sell your car privately.

Special Event Insurance

By Diane Tait Image courtesy wikimedia If you’re planning a family reunion, bar mitzvah or wedding that involves caterers, hotels and/or other expenses that could easily be derailed by bad weather or some other act of God, you should consider springing for special event insurance.   Designed to help you avoid taking a financial bath should something catastrophic occur that could cause your event to be postponed or cancelled, most consumers don’t even know this coverage exists.   Business owners, on the other hand, have long known of and used this kind of insurance to make sure that if worst comes to worst, they have a way of recouping their expenses so they can restage the event at a later date.